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Digital video

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Discussion on everything regarding Blu-ray video. This includes Blu-ray ripping, Blu-ray editing, Blu-ray authoring etc. So if you are looking to backup a Blu-ray movie or author one from scratch, this is the place to post your questions and answers.
652 192 MultiAVCHD BD-R25 problem (jasperbox)
4. June 2014
Convert DVD to another format
Questions about DVD ripping, encoding DVD movies to another format, etc. Please note that we have dedicated forum room for DVD to DVDR copying, so don't post those questions here.
47311 10267 Edit mkv/mp4 video file? (attar)
31. May 2014
Convert video to another format
If you have questions on how to convert a video file into another format, this is the right forum room for you! Please note that we have separate forum rooms for DVD to DVDR, video files to DVD and DVD to video file.
872 258 Software to convert flv to avi (omthavertch)
15. May 2014
Digital camcorders
This forum is dedicated for digital camcorder discussions -- including miniDV and Digital8 formats. No DVD-R authoring questions, general VCD/SVCD questions, etc are allowed -- we have separate forums for those.
8881 2483 panasonic v201 digital camcorder (jspdvd)
31. December 2013
Digital video discussion for Mac users
They just click. Or do they? Ellen Feiss inspired DVD ripping forum for those of us who wish to think different, but don't like penguins. Discussion about digital video with Mac. No other Mac-related topics here or you get banned.
7070 1660 Panasonic DMR-E95H VIDEORECORDER (danbl1)
4. January 2014
Subtitle help
This forum is meant to discuss about subtitle playback problems, subtitle conversion, adding subtitles to DVDs, etc. Asking where to download subtitle files is strictly prohibited!
4976 1245 Duplicate Subs (attar)
23. April 2014
Video - Everything else
Comments, questions, ideas and suggestions that don't fit nicely to our other video forums.
26088 7554 How to use ffdshow (scorpNZ)
10. June 2014
Video - Software discussion
Do you have problems using certain video tool? Do you know an excellent product that's not listed in Feel free to post!
24532 7276 Kastor tube to MP3 prroblems (zomac)
10. June 2014
Video capturing from analog sources
This forum is meant for discussions on how to capture TV shows, home movies from old Hi8 or VHS cassettes, etc.
12711 2679 usb grabber ... no sound (atghawkin)
2. June 2014
Video playback problems
"Video wont play!!!1"? If you have problems playing DVDs, MKV files, DivX, MP4, etc please post your questions to this forum.
18822 5568 Seagate External Wont Play Video_TS! (Ripper)
3. June 2014
Copy DVD to DVDR
Here you can discuss about tools and methods that allow copying DVD movies (not data discs or console discs!) to blank DVDR discs.
24583 3023 Help with copying a Health and Safety DVD that i own? (tongs007)
8. June 2014
Video to DVD
Discussion on how to convert your video files to DVD (in a way that any DVD player can play them).
21815 5317 Question for pictures to DVD (Surrealistic)
9. June 2014 > forums > digital video

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