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Two PS2 Slims - One Accepts Swap Magic, one doesnt... All Detail inside
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1. May 2014 @ 19:19 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
I have two PS2 systems:
One is: SCPH 77001 [7B]
The other is: SCPH 79001 [7B]
swap magic 3.8

The 79001 loads swap magic just fine AND loads "back up" games the way they were burned (using ImageBurner tutorial) Now the SCPH 77001 [7B], although reported by users on this forum as compatible with swap magic, ONLY laods the Swap Magic Disk but whenever I put in a backed up game it heads to the browser and then says "insert Play Station 2 game disk" message. Please note that the swap magic does work with the other PS2 system.

Here is the video demonstrating.

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