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sim unlock android phones?
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15. May 2014 @ 14:12 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
I know with Iphones you can jailbreak them and then sim unlock the phone, can this be done with a rooted Android phone?

I have been looking around the net for a while and really haven't got a straight answer. Most sites direct to unlocking sites via codes(pay for).

I have a Samsung T679 flashed with CM9 and it works great. I just want to be able to unlock the phone so If I ever decide to sell it, I can maybe get a little more for it since it is unlocked and not stuck on T mobile.

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23. May 2014 @ 22:16 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
Before you do anything I would recommend contacting T mobile and see what their policy on unlocking devices is. Other than that I think you have to use one of the paid services.

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