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Thursday 18.4.2024 / 13:50
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never had an issue till now
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14. May 2014 @ 19:17 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
OK I've been backing up my bluray movies to bd-25 for a couple years now and have not had hardly any issues.I copy bluray movie to my hard drive using anydvd and then compress with be rebuilder in movie only mode. I then burn using imgburn. Here recently 75% or more of my backups have a heavy skip (like the laser can't read the disk) and either it takes a while to resume the video or it will skip a second or two after a while it seems. Just wondering how to go about troubleshooting it to see if its a media, burner or perhaps my bluray player issue. I'm using an HP g65 laptop and an external bluray writer and some no name bluray disks. However the disks have been flawless for about the first 30 or so of the 50 bundle. Is there a better way to backup and burn. I've used this method like I said for a couple years with no issues but if there's better ways I'll listen. > forums > software specific discussion > dvd / bd-rebuilder forum > never had an issue till now

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