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Thursday 18.4.2024 / 19:30
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How to use ffdshow
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10. June 2014 @ 18:11 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
Hi everybody,

I'm new here and didn't find anything from a search on ffdshow in this forum. My pc is 2nd-hand and has 'audio decoder configuration, VFW configuration and Video decoder configuration in my Windows 7 (Pro) programs but no ffdshow appl.

Should I have a program called ffdshow that works with these? Or do these help Windows appls like Movie Maker convert different formats? I'm lost.

Also wondering if anyone knows if these work in Linux Mint. They may not be needed but I don't know what editing appl might come in Linux Mint, or if I can use these with an editing program that would load in both windows and Linux.

Thanks for any feedback,

AfterDawn Addict

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10. June 2014 @ 22:51 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
For just decoding of movies klite full (includes codec pack)or media player classic mpc for short,this will install codec pack for wmp as well in windows or use vlc,best to install both klite full & vlc this way your covered for any media hd or sd

with linux vlc can be got through software selector thingy or through linux's main download updater app,other media players can also be downloaded the same way,if required ffdshow could be downloaded as a separate install tho most probably won't be required

converting different formats will more than likely require specfic programs like vidcoder,handbrake,dvdfab or clonedvd mobile,there's others that escape my memory right now,the guides section can help with any specfic job you require doing,browsing the forums for conversion topics will also help tho personally its best to convert direct from a dvd source to the type of container (avi,xvid,mp4,mkv) directly > forums > digital video > video - everything else > how to use ffdshow

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