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panasonic v201 digital camcorder
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30. December 2013 @ 14:00 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
Panasonic V201 digital CAMCORDER
can someone point me to a thread that explains this
1) recording in avchd/iframe as opposed to mp4
see 2 below

if I use avchd I have 4 options

p progressive /I interlace

2) I also want to know about file size and hours. I want to record on the camcorder and burn to a dvd-r on my pc. The camcorder comes with Panasonic HD LE writer 2.0. I recorded for approx. 2.5 hours using avchd setting with 1080/60p

I used the LE writer it says it would take 5 discs and it takes about 4 hours of time per disc. I don't have a bluray recorder on my pc or a home bluray player or a new flat tv. How do I equate file size to hours when it comes to the final dvd. If the file on my cam is x number of gigabytes how many regular dvd's do I need. I read that 1 hour of 1080/60p is about 12gb of file space, according to the camcord manual(16gb gives 1hr 20 min)
But what does that equate to when making a DVD movie. I would guess about 21 some gb? (Im thinking because the le writer said approx 5 discs and discs are 4.2gb) is there a rule of thumb./chart, webpage to show how to calculate
I am not sure what file type the cam stores in avchd?
Im thinking I should use avchd 1080/60/I HG or HE to get what I want. My main concern good quality picture without having to use so many regular dvd's and taking so much time to burn

sorry for long post I am a video dummy I guess.

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31. December 2013 @ 00:14 _ Link to this message    Send private message to this user   
Want to add to this. This is a friends new camcorder and one issue that caused the long time is corrected apparently when the videos were copied from the camcorder it copied almost all the videos more than once and we didn't catch it. The cam creates titles for the videos like 1014575 and after the videos were sent to the pc I saw names like 1014575(1) and 1014575(2) a couple had 5 copies of the same thing. The bottom line is record the best quality picture and be able to transfer it to dvd without taking hours and using as little dvd's as possible. > forums > digital video > digital camcorders > panasonic v201 digital camcorder

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